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Short Summary:
  • Worselis is a server project that's been in the works for a over a year now. A survival server focusing on an improved vanilla-like experience utilizing a few plugins like Quests, Jobs, Economy, Land Claim and more. We mainly focus on being a fun experience for audiences of all ages, away from negativity, disrespect, spam, and politics. Our goal is to keep the community engaged with each other and prevent frustrations. We hope you're willing to give our great community a shot, we're sure you'll love being around! 

Server Rules:
  • Before attempting to join our server or website. Please take the time to read over the rules here to prevent being punished as a result.

Server Features:
  • A semi-vanilla survival server with hard difficulty.
  • An advanced and unique-like simple grief prevention.
  • We have over two hundred quests with money, experience and armor/weapons for rewards upon completion of the quests. 
  • Select up to two jobs and earn money for killing mobs, mining blocks, chopping wood and with twelve different jobs to choose from you'll be sure find something that fits your play style.
  • Anti x-ray feature foils x-ray hackers by hiding unexposed or until players reach it.
  • Our advanced anti-cheat blocks nearly every cheat in the book without interfering with normal gameplay.
  • A player owned economy-like experience able to sell, buy or even use special stuff in-game with the use of money.
  • Available with Minecraft versions 1.8-1.13.2.
  • A simple yet sleek and elegant website designed just for you! 
  • Custom made plugins to enchance your vanilla like expierance.
  • Unique-like maps to change the way you view minecraft in a new prospective fun for all.

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